We sing and talk about Jesus and our unfailing love for Him, but it seems it is more a “tell” than a show.  We seem to take His forgiveness for granted.  We know through our confession and acceptance of God’s Grace that we are saved by way of the Cross and Jesus Resurrection.  All our sins and mistakes have been removed and placed in God’s “forgetfulness.”  Believers profess an understanding of salvation, but it would take a Sherlock Holmes to find the evidence of such a confession.  Many Believers are guilty of allowing their spiritual gratitude to wane into a simple fact of life.  Saturday or Sunday church attendance has become a fulfillment to “time tithing.”  We faithfully give God 1.6% (Figured on a 16 hour average awake time.) of our Sunday routine and then use the rest of the day to pursue our predetermined priorities.  Sunday has become just like any other day.  The spiritual pep rally is usually followed by activities that we failed to complete during the week.

Sunday morning worship services seem to be more in line with mandatory attendance than with a personal desire.  It is wonderful to experience corporate praise and worship, but we need to ask ourselves what is our motive.  So much of our actions are around the tangibles of life, such as materialistic and physical acquisitions.  I enjoy the different aspects of worship, but my concern is the lack of reflecting on the forgiveness that God has granted us through His Son.  When is the last time Believers have spent time focusing on God’s Grace?

The Scriptures tell us of a woman whose life was filled with sin who one day encountered Jesus, and her life changed forever. (Luke 7:36-50)  Shortly after that experience she heard that Jesus was at a Pharisee’s house for dinner.  Some how this forgiven woman was able to gain entry into the house.  Finding Jesus reclining at the dinner table, she came up behind Him and, with tears flowing down her face, began to wash His feet with her tears.  She dried them with her hair and then kissed His feet and anointed them with ointment.  She said nothing, but her actions spoke volumes.  Jesus explained to the questioning Pharisee that because of the forgiveness He had granted her, she was expressing her endless thankfulness to Him. Jesus turned to her and reiterated, “Your sins are forgiven,” and “Your faith hath saved thee; go in peace.” (Luke 7:36-50)

When is the last time we fell to our knees with grateful hearts expressing our love to our loving Savior?  Let us open our memory banks and recall His forgiving words to us.  Our forgiveness should overshadow all the benefits that we have experienced in our life.  Let us never memorialize our salvation as a past experience; rather, let us be a living expression of His Grace and forgiveness.  Amen and Amen

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We all face situations that challenge our spiritual walk, and how we handle those situations defines the type of faith that we confess.  Biblical Faith is “Forsaking All I Trust Him.” Carnal Faith is “Forgetting All I Test Him.”  Biblical Faith sees every situation as an opportunity to grow, while Carnal Faith sees every challenge as a threat to spiritual life.  Biblical Faith sees the positive results of negative trials, while Carnal Faith sees only the negative.  Biblical Faith approaches the challenges with joy, while Carnal Faith loses the joy.  Biblical Faith sees beyond the obvious, while Carnal Faith looks at situations in life and defines them through human reasoning.  Biblical Faith sees life through the spirit, while Carnal Faith sees life through the mind.

The letter of James tells us to “count it all joy” when responding to the challenges of life.  It is to be a time of cheerfulness and calm delight.  The further one is involved in these challenges, the more the degree of joy increases, knowing that through these testings we are developing an even stronger faith.  As we engage the obstacles before us, we are developing steadfastness in our Christian walk.  To some Believers this is hard to accept.  How can one get excited when his faith is challenged?  James tells those who are finding this truth hard to grasp to ask God for wisdom.  Wisdom understands God’s intended purpose and how to appropriate its truth. (Reference James 1: 2-5) When you are seeking understanding it is not to enforce Carnal Faith, but to reinforce our Biblical Faith.  When we try to live with Carnal Faith, it will only bring more and more confusion.  When one takes a human approach to Biblical truth, there is a danger that feelings will be the measure of faith.  If that happens, a spiritual “Disneyland” will offer the Christian a steady life of roller coaster existence.  James tells us we will be like a “wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.” (James 1: 6)  He also tells us a double minded person will be unstable in all his ways. (v.8)  The evidence of our faith is measured by our actions.  The type of faith we confess will determine the outcome of our trials and testing.

During these tumultuous times, Biblical Faith must be promoted by our thoughts and actions.  Instead of trying to get a handle on why things are happening to you, start rejoicing in the fact that you will grow stronger through the challenges.  If we vacillate between Biblical Faith and Carnal Faith, which is being double minded, (v.8) we will never be consistent in our Christian walk.

Are you ready for the next big challenge?  Are you ready to grow?  Are you ready to take the next big step?  COUNT IT ALL JOY the next time you face challenges.

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It is incredible what an unattended camp fire can do to a surrounding forest.  It is staggering to witness the destruction of acres of land by a carelessly tossed cigarette.  It is sickening to hear how an arsonist destroys buildings.  It is mind boggling to see guns leveled at individuals who do not fit the shooter’s ideology.  Mentally unstable people hold innocent people accountable for their own misguided thoughts and patterns through the use of weapons.  Television and video games stoke the fire of violence.  As bad as all these things are, nothing can compare with the consequences of an unleashed tongue!

It is “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a raging fire, able to reach anyone with a single word; it’s … Super Tongue!”  More people are destroyed or wounded by an uncontrolled tongue than all the weapons of destruction put together.  What is even more startling is that this weapon is used in the Church.  I have seen churches destroyed by loose tongues.  I have witnessed wounded saints slip away from their assembled places of worship due to the release of these weapons of mass destruction.  One would think that there would be “sanctuary churches” where Christians would be safe from the toxic rhetoric of the world, but sadly, audio censoring is not offered.  Tragically, much of the language inside the Church is just as deadly as a bullet.  How can we bless the Lord with one breath and then proceed to hurt our fellow Believers with the next?   Matthew states that “…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (12:34)  Also, “…the things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.” (15:18)  I believe the tongue is the audio of the heart.  Our words locate our spiritual walk.  If we release criticism, judgment, discord, gossip, and other related destructive verbal arrows, something is wrong with our inner man.  (I wonder if Philippians 2:12b is something we should seriously look at?)  James states in his epistle, “Out of the same mouth proceeds blessing and cursing.  My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” (3:10)

James also tells us that the tongue cannot be tamed (3:8).  So what do we do?  Are we at the mercy of an uncontrollable tongue?  David the Psalmist understood that the answer to a wild tongue was to submit it unto the Lord.  He wanted the words of his mouth to be acceptable before God, for it was God who was his strength and redeemer. (Psalm 19:14) So David determined that what he would speak would be to the glory of God.  In James 1:19, the speaker is urged to be quick to hear and slow to speak.  In other words, let God check out our potential words before we utter them, and that is brought about by listening to Him before we pull the trigger.  The tongue cannot be tamed, but it can be controlled with God’s help.  It is never too late, with God’s help, to turn our tongue into a vessel of blessing.  Always remember that when we slice our brothers and sisters with our words, we are in reality assaulting our Lord.  On the road to Damascus, Paul encountered Jesus who stunned him with the question, “why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:4, 5)  Paul was after His followers, but in reality he was attacking Jesus.  Let us remember that when we use our tongues to hurt others, we are really hurting Jesus.




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Many Christians believe that attending church weekly is an evidence of their faith.  By publicly joining other believers in communal worship, they see themselves as a “registered saint.”  Church attendance is important to the Believer, but it is not an evidence of spiritual rebirth.  To believe that regular church attendance illustrates one’s spiritual identity is to be deceived.

Faith is not a place of identity, but a belief based on the accepting of God’s Word.  Salvation is acquired by faith and not by works.  Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is experienced through faith and faith alone.

Problems arise when the thought process promotes the idea that salvation faith is all that is necessary.  Some think that once a person is saved, all they have to do is punch their once a week church “time card,” and put their “silent” offering into the collection plate, and all is well.  The next attention getter is the rapture or their pre death ritual.  Once again, the deception ploy is released.

After experiencing saving Faith, every Believer is given a “measure of faith” (Romans 12:3) so as to begin to build his life around God’s Word.  James tells us that we must be “doers of the word, and not hearers only…” (James 1:22)  What he is saying is that if we don’t put works behind our post salvation faith, we have deceived ourselves.  To sit in a church and hear the Word of God and then return home with no thought of what to do with the message is to miscalculate the results of the inaction.  James parallels a man looking into a mirror with someone who is inactive with the Word.  When the man stops looking at himself in the mirror, he immediately forgets what he looked like.  It is like a Believer that hears the Word, but he forgets the message as soon as he leaves the church.  The blessed individual is the one who sees and hears the Word and then does something with the It.  The Bible says that man will be “blessed in what he does.” (James 1:23-25)

Inactive Believers are like a fig tree that claims to have fruit, but upon closer observation, there is no evidence of that fruit. (Mark 11:13)  It is one thing to say you are a Believer, but it is another thing to show the evidence of your confession.

When we don’t build our faith through works, our post salvation faith will be in title only; it is basically useless (dead). (James 2:17)  If Believers would put actions with their faith, the challenges of life would be stepping stones to victory.

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Do Not Be Discouraged

How easy it is to get swept up in the chaotic confusion that is sweeping our country.  Reason tries to define and explain the relentless tides of destructive rhetoric that is over shadowing our morals and ethics.  What we once deemed as holy and sacrosanct has become the floor mat of a society that promotes self interests instead of the good of our country.  Our political establishment has ceased to function in the capacity that the Constitution outlined by its founding fathers.  Partisan partiality has brought about a lame duck congress that has caused the American people to suffer as a result of failed legislation.  Individualism has broken the sphere of unity.  Political egos have earned places with the Medias propaganda headlines.  It is no longer what is best for the country, but what can best promote personal agendas.  Accountability has become an archaic word.

What we are experiencing are labor pains that signal the birth of a new rule of order.  Freedom of speech and religion is being eulogized.  Our history is being erased or eradicated from visible observations.  The American language is being altered so as to promote rebellious attitudes of change.  Tolerance is limited to those who agree with their promotions. Rules are made to be interpreted by the acceptance or rejection of the individual.

The effect of these assaults on our country has caused Christians to be so preoccupied with fake and destructive news that their Bible reading and prayer time has suffered.  Believers must realize that what our country is experiencing is a two pronged attack that is initiated by Satan against our country and God.  Everything God has created or chosen, Satan has attempted to bring to ruin.  I believe that America was to be another “Eden” where the pursuit of happiness and loyalty to its Creator was to be established.  Satan has attempted for generations to bring down this great country.  But just when it seems he would succeed, God’s people said NO, and with resolve, held their Bibles high and their prayers strong while reinforcing the standards that our great land was founded on.

This present age will be the defining moment for our country.  I believe this will be Satan’s last and greatest attack, for he knows his time is short.  This is not the time for us to grow weary or to get side tracked, but a time to reach up and draw our strength from our Heavenly Father.  It is time to speak the Word and pray its effect in the battle for our country.  It is time to take a knee to the One who has commissioned us to serve, and then rise up with the determination to represent our God, who is the true Leader of our country.  Let us always remember that if God is for us, who can be against us.

We must break our addiction to the secular news and commit our dependence to the Biblical news.  Every time a negative tries to plant its seed in our consciousness, let us stand up and say, “God has it all under control.”   No matter how bad things look, do not be discouraged, for God is aware of the situation and awaits our invitation for His involvement.

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Why is our theology defined by others?  Many of our beliefs are based on public acquired knowledge through verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.  We believe, to a large degree, what we are taught.  Through this procedure we become an extension of the presenter.  Very few of these teachings are challenged or questioned.  When we base our Faith on someone’s interpretation instead of our own personal study, we will display a faith based on feelings and emotions.  We will become Christian traditionalists that are steeped in emotionalism instead of peaceful confidence.  Spiritual anxiety comes through adopted teachings that are a result of uncensored acceptance.  Simply regurgitating what others have revealed will not always promote spiritual success.  I am not saying that one cannot receive horizontal truth, but shared truth without being Biblically filtered is a risk that too many are taking.  Every Believer has the responsibility to study the Word himself.  Relying on others to do your homework will not guarantee a victorious outcome when facing life’s tests.  We need good biblical teaching and instruction, but it must never be unquestioned.  There are many avenues of learning that tell us what to believe.  Instead of readily adopting others presentations, let us open our Bibles in a quiet environment where the Holy Spirit is free to reveal God’s word.

Holding back so many Christians from a continual life of spiritual victory is incorrect teaching.  Lukewarmness and complacency are a result of implementing wrong teachings.  Dissatisfaction with the Church is growing at an alarming rate.  It should come as no surprise, for what people have trusted and believed for so many years has failed them.  For the Word to be effective in our lives, we must fully understand its intent, and that is through the Holy Spirit!  The Word will never fail, but it must be correctly interpreted.  It is shocking to see so many people accepting teachings that are really “fake news.”  Just because a person is a “spiritual celebrity,” it is not a guarantee that what is presented is Biblically correct.

There are some great teachers that have helped to develop strong Christians through their faithful presentation of God’s Word.  These men of God need to be encouraged and held up in prayer daily, for Satan will offer them compromise with fame and fortune.  I believe that we are all called to present the Gospel, but few are chosen to positions of leadership.  Sadly, there seems to be no division of calling.  Presenting the Gospel of Truth must be in accordance with God’s directions.  Today, the human spirit is competing with the Holy Spirit.  Man wants to present his understanding of the Scriptures instead of seeking what God wants him to present.

Believers must examine every teaching, whether it is presented orally, technologically, or in written form, to see if it truly lines up with the Word.  The Holy Spirit will also confirm or alert your spirit as to the status of the message.

Not only is our country under spiritual attack, but so is the Church.  If we do not recognize this fact, our only hope is that the Lord will return soon.


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Molding The Future

It is amazing to see Christians quoting the “news” media more than they do the Scriptures.  So many of the social media are nothing more than a conduit of biased rhetoric.  If something is reported by the national information services, such as TV or newspapers, it becomes faultless truth.  On the other hand, if the Bible states the real Truth, it comes under Christian scrutiny.  A person’s behavior is related to their association.  Being around negative people will tend to influence a pessimistic attitude, just as inter-relating with positive individual will prompt an optimistic viewpoint.  When one looks around our country, it is readily obvious that negativity and pessimism is the dominate factor.

The Bible teaches that we are to be “swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” (James 1:19)  Fueled by carnal instincts, people have reverted to rumors instead of facts.  Many become addicted to daily news reports and become discouraged.  This is not the time for Christians to become an extension of doubt and gloom, but a time to let our salt and light spread throughout the land.  In the world today, people promote their ideology through confrontation.  They believe the louder they talk, the greater their influence; but in reality, loudness brings deafness instead of acceptance from the recipient.

The next generation will be the determining factor of whether our country will be able to pull itself from the riptide of evil.  The Bible makes it clear that parents have a responsibility to not only love and cherish their children, but to instruct and lead them through teaching and example.  Many parents want to be a friend to their children, instead of being a parent.  Some adults believe that making their children happy through leniency and material possessions will make for a harmonious home.  That scenario may work during the early stages of child development, but many times it leads to rebellion when material continuity and leniency is weaned off for “rules and regulations.”  Parenting is one of the most difficult, and at the same time one of the most demanding, jobs ever undertaken.  Parenting is developing character based on strong morals and ethics.  For years mothers and fathers were tutored by Dr. Benjamin Spock and his books on child rearing.  The best authority on raising children is the Bible.  God’s Word tells parents to “train up a child in the way he should go…” (Proverbs 22:6)  But what has happened is the children are training parents how to respond to their every wish.  The survival of America rests with our current adolescent generation.  If the tenderfoots in life are brought up under the nurture and admonition of the Lord, they will be equipped to bring about positive influence on this country.  The potential is there, but it can only be achieved if PARENTS step up to the plate.

During Jesus’ adolescence, He “became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom.” (Luke 2:40)  Jesus had been so excited about learning that at the Feast of Passover He sought out the teachers of the law in the temple.  Jesus listened and asked questions.  In return, the scholars even asked Him questions and were astonished at His answers. (Luke 2:46,47)  In His quest for learning, He was inadvertently separated from His parents for three days.  When his frantic parents finally found Him, they returned to Nazareth where the Bible states that Jesus was “subject” unto them.  He then “increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.” (Luke 2:52)  His behavior brought a positive reaction from the community.  He was an asset, not a liability, to those with whom He came in contact.  One cannot help but believe that Mary and Joseph played an important role in His up bringing.

May every parent realize the responsibility they hold in bringing up their children.  If our contemporary parents fail to take up their parenting responsibility, there will be little hope that the next generation will make any difference.


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The phrase “Once saved, always saved” has been the center of Christian debate for generations.  Arminians and Calvinists have become the Christian Hatfields and McCoys.  Churches define their message around these two pillars of identification.

People are in quest of “Life Insurance” that guarantees if they have a spiritual accident they will be covered by their Biblical policy.  Sin forgiveness and reestablishment is a key to the Christian community.  If their policy does not cover “incidences,” they feel they will spend a life of insecurity.

Let’s look at this subject in a different perspective.  What about, “Once lost, always lost?”  There are Christians who, through their willful disobedience, have sentenced themselves to spiritual obscurity in which they feel there is no chance for reconciliation.  They are so ashamed of their actions that they believe there is no hope for forgiveness.  Satan applauds the backsliding saint as he adopts his promptings.  Christians can select Scriptures to support whatever stand they want on post-sinning consequences, but when it is all said and done, their reasoning is limited to their interpretation.  Why should we be so concerned about falling instead of standing?  If we are walking by Faith, why would we ever desire to walk by sight?  Usually, those who are concerned with their life insurance policy are those who walk more by emotions and feelings.  One that is in continual contact with his Provider will rest with the assurance that God will never leave or forsake him, and vice versa.

The Jewish people walked away from God countless times.  Suffering from their disobedience, they experienced the chastisement of God.  Finally, God broke off their branch from the life-giving root.  Through their separation, the Gentiles were offered a place in the “chosen circle.”  Through that endeavor, the Jews would see their blessings given to the Gentiles.  The intent was to provoke the Jews to jealousy.  Repenting would open the door to regrafting.  Today, God’s patience is being tested.  There continues to be a breaking off of those who continually chose to display rebellion, BUT the regrafting opportunities will always be there.  If one would ever walk away from the Lord, one will experience the unfiltered aspects of Satan’s world.  Seeing the chaos and remembering what was once had will draw to repentance and regrafting.  Once lost, always lost does not convey the intent of God’s Word, BUT there is a danger during one’s separation from the Tree of Life; if one should die, there could be a question of where one will spend eternity. (Reference: Romans, chapters ten and eleven.)

Instead of seeing if there is an escape clause from one’s salvation experience, why not spend the same energy seeing who we are in Christ and how we are sealed with the Holy Spirit!  If a Believer is truly committed, he will have no interest in trying to find an exit from the Faith!  There are so many Biblical truths to occupy our time that we will have no interest in listening to Satan and his anti-Biblical suggestions.

If you have gone AWOL, the Heavenly Grafter is looking for you.  He loves you and will welcome you back when you acknowledge your actions and ask for His forgiveness.  Lost forever?  It becomes a reality only when you chose to reject His offer.


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Christians’ attitudes are closely related to their spiritual altitude. Believers’ countenances reflect their hearts. Disciples speak the word of life while exhibiting what they confess. Saints know how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. The Called know their calling and respond with a zeal that leaves no doubt as to whom they are representing.

The New Testament contains the blueprint of what the recreated individual should be; yet, in view of this faultless description, there is a creation of a new type of Believer in which man is the architect. Ingredients from the New and Old Testaments are mixed together to form a “super saint” that reflects the priorities of a self serving agenda. This”third adam” is more a receiver than a giver. His desire is to lead instead of follow. He wants to be a proprietor instead of a servant. He wants to have miracles in his life, instead of being a miracle. He is centered on self instead of others. Unity has yielded to diversification. Biblical knowledge is limited to human interpretation. Self justification excuses disobedience. Emotions supersede Faith. To the “third adam,” sin is a relative word. Prosperity becomes a sign of spiritual maturity. The new model of a Believer believes one just rubs the Bible and God appears to grant your desires.

As one studies the Scripture, it becomes obvious that the Jewish people were emotionally involved in their Faith, but ignorant of what the Scrolls were actually teaching. Paul stated that they had a “zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.” (Romans 10:2) Knowledge is more than reading the Word, it is entering a relationship with the Word. When the Jewish people looked at the Scrolls simply as the Law, they failed to grasp the righteousness of God. If Christians base their confession on the written Word alone, and not on a relationship with God, their faith will exhibit inconsistency. The Faith seed grows through the righteousness of God that is based on His Word. How we treat the written Word reflects the relationship we have with the living Word. It does not matter what situations the Believer faces, for he trusts in the One with whom he fellowships daily. The new model Christian is more concerned with himself than with his neighbor. He is more of a fault-finder than an encourager. The “third adam” is more a judge than a witness. He tends to critique pastors by name and to label them as enemies of the Cross if they do not fit his interpretation of truth. It is true there are spiritual leaders that are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but to call them out by name is not a characteristic of a Jesus follower. The companion of God lets God handle the false prophets and teachers.

During this very challenging time in our Country we need Believers to be true representatives of God’s Word. For many years Christians have presented a “Heinz variety” of Christianity. Churches are trying to put flavor in their services, but find themselves out of favor with God. Believers want God to be serious with them, but many fail to be serious with God. We are reading about hurricanes that are ravaging the Caribbean and Gulf States. The loss of lives and property is staggering. I believe we are entering a time when the winds of evil will blow through our land and, if the Believers are not prepared, there will be many spiritual casualties.

We do not need a “third adam.” We need to follow the “second Adam” who came as the Son of God to reconcile man unto God. It is not dictating what we want to be, but to receive dictation as to what God wants us to be!

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I am sure that every Christian has sometime in their life issued a question of challenge to God. By failing to understand our spiritual citizenship, we entertain a volley of thoughts that questions the actions or non-actions of God in our lives. Usually, the introductory word “if”opens the door of carnal reasoning. Following closely behind “if” is the seed word of doubt called “why”. These two words set in motion our confusion and misunderstanding of spiritual principles.

Gideon was facing a life-ending challenge from the Midianites. He could not understand why God was allowing His people to suffer. So Gideon brings an accusation that challenges the very relationship between God and His people. He states, to the angelic messenger, “If the Lord is with us, then why has all this happened to us?” (Judges 6:13) There are times in our lives that some even wonder if God is really conscious of our situations. If we believe He is with us, why then do we face life challenging situations? Gideon shot an arrow at God claiming that if He really was with them, why were things playing out the way they were? Continuing to shoot accusations at God, he cries out, “Where are all the miracles that we have heard about for generations?” (v.13) Not seeing any manifestations of God’s power, he lets go with a flaming arrow claiming that God had forsaken them and delivered them to their enemies. (v.13) If we are honest, we will all identify with certain aspects of Gideon. Maybe there was a premature death of a loved one or a life challenging illness of someone close to us. We read of natural catastrophes that took the lives of strong Christians. We read of Believers who died in transportation accidents. We know the Bible states that it rains on the just and the unjust, but should not God’s “chosen” have some special immunity?

In response to Gideon’s frustration, the angel simply ignores his venting and tells him to go in his might and save Israel. (v.14) Initially, the messenger of God found Gideon near a winepress where he was hiding food from the Midianites. Upon engaging him, he addressed him with the salutation, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour.” (v.12) Gideon was so nearsighted that he failed to see beyond the crisis to the solution. He was operating in the flesh, and instead of realizing that the Midianites were the ones with the problem, he began to question whether God was aware of the danger that faced them. Not once did the angel address Gideon’s accusations. Gideon questioned the reality of facing down the Midianites with a plethora of excuses. God simply told him, “Surely, I will be with you.” (v.16)

The Bible teaches that we are in the world, but not of the world. Being a Believer does not guarantee immunity from the consequential affects of a worldly existence. There is no doubt that God intervenes in certain situations, but it is equally obvious that His overshadowing protection is not always evident. There are many scenarios that display God’s selective intervention for Believers. The question that presents itself is what constitutes God’s protection for some of His people and not for others? The reason Gideon and the Israelites suffered near anilization was they had not obeyed God’s Word. (v.10) Many of the challenges to our faith stem from Biblical disobedience. When we sow fleshly seed, we will reap carnal results. How can we expect God to immune us from negative results when we have not obeyed His Word? There are many other reasons for not experiencing God’s intervention, but this is not the time to examine other causes.

There is no answer to the closed umbrella of God’s care when the true Believer experiences tragedies in their lives. It is not a time to introduce the “ifs” and “whys” but to realize what Gideon failed to understand; that was who he was, “a mighty man of valour” who, with the ability God gave him, was able to deliver his people from the Midianites. It is not the time to question, but to answer the call of God to live up to the ability He has given us. We can overcome the tragedies in life by simply putting our trust in the One who made all things!

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