Faith is the flag ship of the Christian movement.  Faith is believing and seeing the reality of God’s Kingdom without the benefit of any “outside stimuli.”  Faith left to itself is simply a word in the dictionary.  The faith that is exhibited by Believers today is more like hope, which Webster defines as “A feeling that what is wanted will happen.”  This secular definition of hope is what has been substituted by Believers for faith.  Many believe that feelings will not only jump start their faith, but will also give them the help they need in fulfilling their hopeful desires.  Feelings tend to dilute faith.  All of us have been propelled and decelerated by feelings.  Feelings tend to decide how we respond to life.  “I don’t feel like going to church today.”  “I don’t feel like reading my Bible.”  “I don’t feel like praying,” etc…  Feeling is the antidote to faith.  When Believers use feelings to nudge along their faith, they will experience limited spiritual accomplishments.  So many Christians limit their faith by their feelings.  They will take a Scripture and initially accept its intent, but as time passes and the Word does not seem to work in their lives, they begin to question whether they correctly understood the verses.  The “can of feelings” opens and everything from sadness, disappointment, depression, anger, and confusion push against the truthful reality of God’s Word.

Faith rests in the integrity of the Scriptures.  God means what He says and says what He means.  There is no need for secular evidence or prompting by feelings to bring about the reality of God’s Word.  What is needed is faith upon faith, faith to believe in faith.  We must have faith that the Bible is the Word of God, and faith to believe the fulfillment of the Word.  A Syrophenician woman came to Jesus to seek healing for her daughter.  After a challenging statement from Jesus and her response, she left for her home with faith in His words that her daughter was delivered. (Mark 7:25-30)  Feelings had nothing to do with her faith.  She simply believed and responded in faith.  I can imagine that as she returned home, she walked with a confidence that was not attached to feelings, but with an assurance that her daughter was healed.

A Christian must never allow feelings to interfere with their faithful obedience.  There should never be a time when feelings determine the degree of one’s faith.  Feelings can compliment faith, but never question faith.  Whenever feelings dominate our reaction to the Word, the Word will be limited in its action.  A number of times, Jesus confronted His disciples for not exhibiting faith.  The reason for their faithless behavior was they were operating on feelings and emotions.  On the Sea of Galilee, they saw the boisterous waves and wind and feared for their lives.  Feelings snuffed out their faith. (Matthew 8:23-27)  When are we going to stop letting feelings challenge our faith?  Feelings should be subject to the Word, not the Word subject to our feelings.  One of my favorite songs is, “The Word Is Working Mightily In Me.”  David Ingles composed this little tune that simply says, “No matter what I feel or see, the Word is working mightily in me.”  The Word takes precedence over every emotion or feeling that our mind wants to exhibit.  We don’t need any evidence to help secure our faith.  Faith is simply believing and acting on what God says, no matter what our eyes and emotions tell us!


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Across America, Believers are resurrecting the exhibiting of lawn signs that depict the Ten Commandments.  What they hope to achieve can only be interpreted as a conscientious response to activating their Christian duty.  Bringing awareness to Biblical principles may identify one as a Christian, but does little to influence others into seeking a hunger for the things of God.

Believers emphatically believe that the Ten Commandments are the basis for social justice.  It is through obedience to these laws that the Sermon on the Mount can build Christian character.  If we promote the Ten Commandments, we are obligated to affirm all of them through our actions.  A problem seems to arise when the Fourth Commandment calls us to an action that is hard to justify by the Church.  “REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY.”  There is very little, if any, wiggle room to try to adjust or substitute a word for the Sabbath.  The observance of the Sabbath was to be perpetual, which means everlasting and never ending.  (Exodus 31:16)  What the Church tries to do is substitute the “Lord’s Day” for the Sabbath.  It is true the New Testament church did meet on the first day of the week to worship through the sharing of the Word, Communion, and fellowship, but that was not the purpose of the Sabbath.  It was to be a day of separation from the world.  It was a time to cease from the grind of six days and to rest in the Truths of God’s Word.  It was a time to shut out the world and its pollutants.  It was a time of worshipping God with spirit, soul, and body.  It was a time for renewal and spiritual reflection.  Jesus stated that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. (Mark 2:27)   What a gift God gave us, and yet we lose its blessing by diluting God’s intention.  We attempt to have the Lord’s Day be our Sabbath.  The problem is we think by going to church we have honored the intent of the Fourth Commandment.  In fact, if we take out Sunday worship, there is really no difference from any other day.    If we are going to substitute the Lord’s Day for the Sabbath, we must also be dedicated to keeping it Holy!

I remember years ago, as a young boy, my parents would not even let me change out of my church clothes. (People use to dress up to go the church, but today we dress down as we worship our God!)  I could not go out and play baseball.  My parents made sure we had enough food in the house so we did not need to go to the store.  Many stores were closed on this special day.  We would share the Word together and pray as a family.  There was also a time for a nap.  The day wrapped up by going to church in the evening. (It is very difficult today to find churches with Sunday night services.)  By Monday morning, we were ready for the challenges of the week.

The argument of Saturday or Sunday as the Biblical day for the Sabbath has long been the focal point of division.  It has even come to the point of birthing new denominations.  Straining over the actual day of Holiness has dwarfed the intent of the Fourth Commandment.  One day of the week is to be set aside for the renewing of our body, soul, and spirit.  If we want that day to be Sunday, then let it be.  We must be certain that whatever that day is, it is totally dedicated to God.  When we fail to keep any of His commandments and try to teach others the insignificance of any of His teachings, we will be called “least in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:19)  Many Believers claim this Fourth Commandment pertains only to the Jewish people.  If we want to be completely truthful, all the Commandments were for the Jews because the Church had not yet been conceived.  Yet, the Ten Commandments have a place in the Church today, and all we have to do is let the Holy Spirit guide us into the application of not only the Commandments, but all the teachings in the Old Testament.  Instead of looking for loop holes in Scriptural principles, let us simply obey what God says.  Is it that difficult to set aside a day, different from all other days, to focus on Him and to honor Him?  May our Sabbath be a day that prepares us for the challenges of the upcoming week.  Let us rest in the Lord that we may serve Him in the days ahead!


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The Bible is the “Holy Grail” of the Christian Faith.  It is the Word of the living God penned by holy men as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.  It is the closest evidence the Christian has to substantiating the basis of their Faith.  It starts with “In the beginning,” and ends with “The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.”  Between these verses is God’s love expressed throughout man’s illustrated existence.  We are to read, study, and live the Word.  The Word is our compass that keeps us focused on directional obedience.  But there is more than just knowing the benefits of the Kingdom of God.

The Bible is the launching point in which we are lifted into the presence of God.  So much of the “right wing” Church is limiting itself to the reenactment of Biblical days.  Miracles, signs, financial prosperity, and wonders are pursued with a zeal that borders on fanaticism.  Health, financial security, and social acceptance seem to be the goal of so many Christians.  It is gratifying to experience those realities, but to base the success of our faith on them is to miss the mark.  I believe the goal of every Believer should be to “walk with God.”  To experience that reality will overshadow the greatest epiphany any Christian could ever hope to achieve.  Both Enoch and Noah walked with God (Genesis 5:22-25 and 6:9).  If only we had a recorded account of what they shared together!  It was such an uplifting experience that one day, as Enoch was walking with God, God simply “took him.”

How does one walk with God?  The Bible says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)  To begin the ultimate fellowship with God is to know His Word.  To know His Word is to read His Word.  As we study the Scriptures we are brought to an understanding of its meaning by the Holy Spirit.  When we can grasp the reality of the Word, we can then walk in obedience to the Word.  When we agree with the Word, we are in agreement with God, and fellowship results.

Walking with God is being in His presence without any thought of petitioning or desiring anything from Him.  It is just basking in the reality of His being.  It is not about us; rather, it is all about Him.  It is being still and knowing He is God!  During these times of walking with God, our spirit soars.  We are not children tossed about by doctrines and craftiness of man, but walking with Him as joint heirs with Christ.

The more I read the Word, the more I find myself agreeing with everything I read.  My actions in life are predicated on those Words.  I realize that my walk with God is just an agreement away.  That great hymn writer, C. Austin Miles, must have understood what walking with Lord was all about as he composed the Hymn, “IN THE GARDEN:” “and He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own; and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”

It seems God walked with Adam in the Garden before Adam’s disobedience.  What an experience that must have been.  But when Adam came into conflict with God’s Word, he hid from God’s presence.  God wants to walk with His people, but when they break from His Word, the “walks” are only a distant memory.  As God called out to Adam, “Where are you?” He is calling out to every Believer to walk with Him and enjoy His presence.  Read the Word.  Study the Word.  Agree with the Word.  Live the Word and enjoy your walk with the Lord


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One of the most difficult words to understand and apply is the word FAITH.  To grasp the reality of the word is to challenge what we know by sight and reason.  Faith moves from the obvious to the unseen.  Faith challenges the factual evidences of the five senses.  Faith asks us to overshadow our carnal instincts and rely on things of which we have no physical knowledge.  Faith asks us to get out of our boats of human understanding and walk on top of life’s stormy challenges.  Faith asks us to trust, instead of reason; believe, instead of doubt.

The problem with walking by faith is that we try to fit faith into our lifetime experiences.  We can talk about faith, but to walk in faith is an entirely different thing.  Viewing the invisible is to defy all reason.  Calling into existence things that are not is to challenge the very core of human understanding.  To fully understand the basics of faith is to venture into actions that will either break through our mind barrier or reinforce our mindset.  Our works will determine if we truly understand what faith is all about.  Faith is either an action or just a word in our religious vocabulary.

Many Christians today have a qualified faith.  They will accept selected Scriptures as long as it does not interfere with their human reasoning.  Believing Jesus died for them is a basic faith that seems to be easily attainable, but when it comes to taking action that threatens their understanding, the action is limited.

How do we respond to life challenging events?  How do we deal with the premature death of a loved one?  How do we respond to personal illness and financial uncertainty?   One of the most difficult steps that one can take is to move from fleshly acceptance to faith.  The Word of God teaches that all of us have been given a “measure of faith.” (Romans 12:3)  This means that we all have a limited or measured amount of faith.  This initial faith opens to us an understanding and acceptance of God’s Grace.  Every Believer has the responsibility to grow that faith to the point of believing, accepting, and experiencing the Word of God.  This process is done by hearing the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)  When we fail to read the Word on a regular basis, our faith will be limited.  Our responses to the challenges of life will be measured by the amount of faith we exhibit.  The growth of our faith is in direct correlation to the time we spend in the Word.

The reason so many Believers are struggling with life’s challenges is because they neglect God’s Word.  Weak faith is a result of weak reading.  The stronger our faith, the stronger we will be in resisting our spiritual enemy.  Faith is the elevator that lifts us into the presence of God.  Hearing Him assure us of His daily presence, we are able to walk into each new day with the confidence there is nothing that we cannot overcome.

During these trying times, we need more than ever to go to our Christian Library (the Bible) and check out one of the sixty-six books everyday.  Feeding our spirits with the Truth will not only renew our minds, but will equip us to face the inevitable storms that will come our way.


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If you were to ask the average Christian (whatever that means) how many people they have led to Jesus Christ, the number would be alarmingly small.  The majority of Christians know they have a spiritual obligation to share the Gospel, but how to do it is an entirely different question.

I remember early in my ministry I promoted “soul winning” programs that would help the bashful saint present the GOOD NEWS.  I tried everything from James Kennedy’s Evangelism Explosion to producing our church’s own tracts (pamphlets).  Bumper stickers plastered the cars with spiritual gems with the hope that the simple message would draw the unsaved to the nearest salvation station.  In one city where I pastored, I had the youth of our church meet every Thursday to hit the streets to present our salvation tracts.  For over two months, they distributed the pamphlets to over 1,000 homes with the hope that the recipients would respond to the written invitations.  Instead of jubilation at the responses, discouragement laced their minds.  There were a number who made the decision, and for that we were thankful, but the toll it took on our youth weighed heavily on the leadership of our church.  It was not only in our body of Believers, but many other evangelistic churches also experienced the same disappointments.

Within the next few years, the “soul winning movement” moved from the streets into the houses of worship.  Altar invitations became the way of bringing the lost to Jesus.  People were released from “one on one” evangelism.  Their calling was to bring people to the church.  It was there that the pastor would take over the “soul winning” duties.  What happened was the salvation message took center stage, and soon the saved begin to starve for meat that would help them grow and become effective Christians.  People failed to realize that pastors don’t reproduce sheep, the sheep do!

Today, it seems the evangelical church is slowly coming out of its citadels of worship to once again bring the Gospel message to the lost.  I am thankful for those who understand their Biblical calling and are willing to share the wonderful message of God’s love.  We must be careful though, not to adopt man made techniques to present the Gospel.  The Church tried that before and it did not work.

Much of the discouragement that faces Believers today is based on not knowing what is expected of them.  Instead of attending seminars and course instruction on “soul winning,” Christians need to simply share their story.  Every day there will be opportunities to present the Truth that has been instilled in us.  When we see people going through similar life-altering experiences, we must be ready to present our story.  Simply share how the Lord helped you through your crisis or situation.  People will not challenge your presentation, because you are the living proof of that victory.  Share how you came to know Jesus Christ.  Maybe that individual will not respond to your sharing, but you planted the seed.  That planting will pave the way for another Believer to water that seed with his story and, through the Holy Spirit, that person may experience the miracle of rebirth. (I Corinthians 3:6-9)

How many people have you led to Jesus Christ?  Maybe we don’t have a definitive number, but if the Lord would reveal to us how many came into the Kingdom by way of our seed planting or watering, we would be amazed!  Maybe your joy was the sunshine that helped the seed to grow.

Share your story!  Be a Planter!  Be a Waterer!  Let your SON shine!  It is a team effort!  God gives the increase.


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I wonder how many Believers find it difficult to stay focused when they pray.  Soon after the salutation and a brief expression of praise and worship are uttered, the supplications and petitions begin their upward journey.  If we pass the three minute mark, there is a sense of accomplishment, but from that point on there is an increasing struggle to keep our mind on our one way conversation.  Now if we are in a crisis, either imaginary or real, we force ourselves to stay the course, hoping our prayers are reaching beyond our immediate surroundings.  If we are praying for others, not fully understanding all the implications of their request, our attention span is severely limited.  I know it is difficult to admit that we might have “prayer anemia,” but to go through a form of praying with a lack of excitement and expectation is falling short of what is expected of every Believer.

Years ago, there was a thing called, “praying through.”  What that meant was that you prayed until you felt a release in your spirit, knowing that your faith was carrying your requests to the Throne Room of God.  Sometimes those supplications and petitions would take unrecorded time.  During those prayer roads to Heaven, one would become so excited in the experience that it was hard to return to the carnal activities of life.  Today, we pray through until our mind decides to wander off to things that have no spiritual significance.  We try to stay focused, but it becomes a struggle.  Now to those who are prayer warriors, this article will have little or no effect.  You have identified and understood Satan’s tricks to bombard the mind to keep the spirit from being released within the Believer.

It is very difficult for some Believers to live a truly dedicated life while surrounded by the carnal and tangible things of the world.  It is hard to open our Bibles daily and study the Words of life.  It is hard to show outwardly the change that has supposedly occurred inwardly.  It is hard to be surrounded by the unsaved and still maintain the integrity that the Believer is to exhibit.  If we have not been a living example of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, both in our actions and thoughts, it will be very difficult to stay focused when it comes time to having an uninterrupted time with God.

Before God called me into the ministry, I worked in an auto assembly plant in Detroit.  When I got home, the first thing I did was take a shower.  It felt good to get rid of dirty clothes and wash the grim of the job off me.  Why can’t Believers that are working in the world take a spiritual shower with God’s Word?  Let us wash the daily influences of the world off our minds through the opening of our Bibles.  Let us then open our freshly washed minds so our thoughts are on God.  When that happens, our spirit will be released to begin its conversation with God.

When we live like the world, we begin to act like the world.  Unfocused prayers come from unfocused lives.  The focus and longevity of our prayers is directly related to the time we spend every day focused on the One who loves us so much.

Have a happy focused prayer life!!




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In our political quagmire, rhetoric has evolved that has added to the division of our Country.  Immigration has been front and center to a continuing volcanic eruption of opinions.  The vacillating of viewpoints has driven our divide into a chasm that widens everyday.  On one side, there are the open arms of acceptance to anyone who wants to be part of this great land.  On the other side are those with folded arms of immigration restraint.  One group conveys an open door way, while the other group offers a door that can only be opened by meeting certain criteria.

Parallel to the political landscape is the Church and its immigration policy.  There are basically two viewpoints to the accepting of individuals who are seeking Christian citizenship.  One is an open door policy that offers acceptance to anyone occupying a pew.  The other offers citizenship by the person’s acceptance of Jesus Christ.  The oversimplification of these two approaches has led to a corrupted and ineffective Church.

Our Country is concerned about people entering it who seek to destroy our liberties.  The Church needs to be equally aware of people who are entering the Christian community with the intent to destroy the standards of Biblical integrity.  The attack on Biblical inerrancy is not so much an external challenge as it is an internal threat.  There are those within the Church who have assumed leadership roles with the intent to misdirect the “very elect” on issues that challenge the basic core of Biblical truths.  The open door policy of the Church has been a gateway for “Biblical Terrorist” to enter the confines of the elected.  As we read the Scriptures, we find continual warnings about the internal assaults against the Church, yet we turn a blind eye to its reality.  Until the Church understands what it is facing, perilous times will continue to rock its foundation.

When you look at what has been happening in the Church today, we will readily conclude that something is out of kilter.  Have those who have truly been Born Again suddenly decided to question the authority of God’s Word?  Would they challenge the Bible’s stand on homosexuality?  Would they redefine what constitutes marriage?  Would they condone same sex marriages?  The true Believer would never entertain anything that would question God’s Word.  Who then would pursue such a humanistic approach?

The Bible makes it clear that no one can come to Christ except God draws him.  It is also emphatically clear that no one comes to God except through Jesus Christ.  The drawing is implemented by the Holy Spirit.  The problem is “soul winners” try to do it on their own.  Programs are initiated on how to lead someone to Christ.  The intent is good, but sometimes they supersede the working of the Holy Spirit.  The initial response could be favorable, but in many cases the result of their salvation bares no evidence.  This is also where sheep in wolves clothing can enter the commune of Believers.

Difficult days lie ahead for both the Church and the Country.  As there is a path for those who want to pursue citizenship in the United States, shouldn’t there also be a directive for those interested in being part of the Kingdom of God?  The Church needs to take seriously its role in preparing people for their life changing experience, so when the Holy Spirit presents the Son, they will be prepared to receive Jesus not only as Savior, but also as Lord.

 I am asking that we examine the Scripture and see the warnings that have been issued to the Church.  The sheep in wolves clothing is not something new, but has been revealed throughout the Word.  The Church is facing steady decline of its constituency.  Pew Research just released statistics showing that between 2007 and 2014 there was a drop of almost 8% by those who had identified themselves as Christians.  There is an assault against the Church as well as our Country.  It is time to wake up and realize what is happening.  It is time to draw a definitive line and say enough is enough.  When our Constitution and the Bible are not defended, evil will triumph.  May God help us!

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Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to stay focused on God?  Think for a moment how many times the things of the world take center stage in our lives.  Take a situation with which you have been struggling.  Just when you think the challenge is under control, it reappears with its ingredients of doubt, anxiety, worry, and the “what ifs.”  Mixing these thoughts into our consciousness will tend to affect our spiritual life.  We know that we are to cast, throw down, and place all our cares on Him who cares so much for us. (I Peter 5:7)  But for some reason, we feel we need to use our human resources to combat life’s challenges.  It is true we have the human capacity to respond to all the aspects of life, but when the situations control our time and energy, we must reach beyond our own abilities and let God handle them.  Timing is so important.  If we hold on to the problem too long, it will make it harder and harder to disconnect from the situation.  Satan loves to have Believers second guess their actions.  The more the problem dominates our thoughts, the greater the challenge to our spiritual stability.  Thoughts like, “You should have…”, “Why didn’t you?”, “If only…”, will enter our thought compartment.  We must understand the limits to our human resources.  The sooner we do, the quicker we will learn to cast all our cares on Him!

One of the most neglected verses in the Bible is Colossians 3:1, 2.  Here Paul stresses two words that should be in every Christian’s vocabulary: Seek and Set.  We are to SEEK the things that are above, and to set our affection on Heavenly things.  To seek is to desire and enquire.  The things of the world are temporal, while the things of Heaven are eternal.  The foundation of our faith rests in the things “above,” not on the things “below.”  Would it not seem that our interests and desires should be about God and His Kingdom?  Jesus said to seek and we will find. (Matthew 7:7)  As we seek the things of God, we will find His Truths and will exhibit them in our daily lives.  We are also called to SET our affections on the eternal.  Set is to put in a specified place.  Affection is to exercise the mind, to interest oneself, to regard, and to think.  We are to set our interests on Heavenly principles.  Our interest should be in achieving the directives of our Heavenly Father.

When we seek and set our ways in the Heavenlies, we will learn quickly what His ways are.  How much of our day is spent dwelling on the negatives of life?  How much of our time is spent in self-centeredness?  How much of our prayer time is around our needs and wants?  How much of our life is around problems?  How much of our life dwells on things that are not really that important?  Let us learn to reverse our thought patterns and center on what is really important.

The Fruit of the Spirit is an example of seeking the things that originate from above.  The Holy Spirit reveals to us what He hears in the Heavenlies. (John 16:13)  The nine fruits mentioned in Galatians 5:22, 23 originate from God.  When we seek after the things of the Kingdom, we are putting our problems on notice that they will be short lived.  When we set our minds on the Heavenly, the earthly matters will be opportunities to bring glory to God.




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If we claim to be a Believer, we will exemplify Jesus in all that we do.  Our words will be His words.  Our compassion will mirror the compassion He has shown us.  Forgiveness will flow as a gentle stream of relief and reconciliation.  Our communication with God will be a never ending experience.  Our love of one another will show no favoritism.  Our affection is set upon Him, while our actions reflect Him.

To be able to function as Jesus did, we need to be rooted and built up in Him.  To have a root, one must start with a seed.  The seed is the Word of God.  Once we accept God’s gift of His Son, we need to spend as much time as possible studying the Word.  As the seed germinates, a root begins to grow.  The more we study, the deeper the root goes.  Soon we begin to grow internally evidenced by our external attitude and actions.  People begin to see a change in our life.  As we continue this growth pattern, we eventually become established in the Faith.  Realizing the miracle that has happened to us, we celebrate with thanksgiving. (Colossians 2:6, 7)  That does not mean that we have arrived at the limits of spiritual growth.  We continue to study His Word and realize that this Seed can offer growth in so many other areas in our life.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all verbal Believers evidenced the reality of this simple teaching?  The biggest problem that faces Christians today is Biblical Fasting.  The Bible is read as an afterthought, not as a primary action.  How can we produce fruit without planting the seed?  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  To understand what an abundant life is all about, we need to read the Word.  Satan wants to pollute the seed so that it will not be planted in the lives of people.  When he gets people to doubt the validity of the Seed, people will refrain from planting the Word.  Sadly, some self-appointed pastors are even planting “dead” seeds (misinterpreted word).   One example of a wrong seed is planting financial seeds into a ministry with the hope of reaping monetary increase.  Many read the Word with the purpose of picking Scriptures that will help them identify with the world’s values.  This kind of seed will produce thistles and weeds that will choke out the intent of the Word.

If we were to summate what the Christian walk is all about, it would be, “Whatever we do, we do it in the name of the Lord and we do it heartily.” (cf. Colossians 3:17, 23)  Let’s take a moment and see if our daily activities meet these criteria.  Where we go, what we do, what we say, and how we react, is all to be done in the name of the Lord.  In other words, we are God’s representative figure on earth.  We are to be the audio and visual personage of Jesus Himself.   It is more than going to church on a specific day.  It is a daily life of servitude.  It is more than offering up a few sentence prayers.  It is starting and ending the day in constant dialogue with our Heavenly Father.  It is not what I want to do, but what God wants me to do.  It is so rewarding to end the day thinking back at what God has accomplished through us.

Let every day be a day of anticipation, knowing that the planting of more seeds will produce exciting results.  Read the Word and anticipate the seed germinating into a foundational root that will produce fruit which will grow into spiritual fulfillment.  We will then be able to say as Paul said “…I live: yet not I, but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20)


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The Bible contains the greatest collection of written words ever assembled.  There has never been, and there never will be, anything that can parallel its power and authority.  The problem is the Scripture has been shrouded from the minds of so many readers.  To help assist the inquiring minds are commentaries and Biblical helps that consist of “cliff notes,” CD’s, and interpretative books and study guides, as well as a plethora of translations.  Still, the difficulty meter continues to red line.  Bibles are handed out to the “whomsoever” with the hopeful intent that the reader will be led into a spiritual epiphany.  But so many times the potential believer becomes confused as to the implication of its content.  Soon the Bible becomes a dust catcher.  It is true that there have been people that were so moved by what they read that it led them to a life changing encounter with their Creator, but those are the exceptions instead of the norm.

The Disciples experienced the Word by hearing and seeing, yet they failed multiple times in illustrating its reality.  As we go through the Scriptures, we see a continuity of misunderstanding by His followers.  Time and time again, Jesus would expose their shallowness in implementing His truth.  From the Sea of Galilee to the hills of Judea, the Disciples lacked understanding of the things Jesus taught and did.  There were times when they introduced their own spiritual ignorance by their actions and statements.  Many of their questions were intended for their own self promotion.  As we read the Gospels, we need to be more aware of the actions of the Disciples.  As we do, we will soon be sympathetic to what Jesus faced in preparing them to carry on His ministry.

To simply read the Bible with the hope that the spiritual mysteries of life will be answered is to face disappointment.  The Bible is a closed book to the unsaved.  They will never understand Its truth until the Holy Spirit opens their heart.  The Ethiopian Eunuch, who had acquired a copy of the Scroll of Isaiah, was on his way back to his country when he stopped his chariot and tried reading from the Scroll.  A layman by the name of Philip was led by the Spirit to approach the Eunuch and ask him if he understood what he was reading.  The Eunuch simply said, “How can I, accept some man would guide me?” (Acts 8:31)  Philip, under the power of the Holy Spirit, led him into such an understanding of the Scripture that he turned his life over to Jesus Christ and was baptized in a stream not far from where they were.  After Jesus resurrection, He appeared to two confused and unbelieving disciples as they journeyed toward their home in Emmaus.  They had heard rumors that Jesus was alive, but there was no proof.  Jesus then gently led them through the Old Testament, beginning with Moses and then through the Prophets, showing how it applied to Him.  It was shortly after this revealing that their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus.  As quickly as He appeared, He vanished.  They shared, “Did not our heart burn within us…while he opened to us the Scriptures?” (Luke 24:32)  The two disciples immediately ran back to Jerusalem to the locked upper room to tell their story.  While they shared their excitement, Jesus suddenly appeared to His assembled disciples and proceeded to fine tune His previous teachings.  The Bible says that “He opened their understanding that they might understand the Scriptures.” (Luke 24:45)

The reason there is so much diversity in the Church is man has been too eager to interpret Scripture through human understanding.  False doctrine is presented when man attempts to interpret Scripture through experiential knowledge instead of by revelation.  The reason for Paul’s spiritual success was clearly evidenced when he shared that the message he brought was not what someone taught him, but “by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:12)   I know there are many good meaning organizations that distribute Bibles with the hope they will change lives, but it is like putting the cart before the horse.  We need to be a living Bible for all to read.  Through our lives, let us show them the way to the foot of the Cross.  Let us then open the Word with them, and through the Holy Spirit open their understanding to the Scriptures.  To the unsaved, the Bible is a closed book.  To the Saved, it is our guide book through life!


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